My name is Hans Åge Martinsen. I was born a cold winter morning 1983 in the small town Gjøvik, Norway. Since that day I have been rummaging whatever catches my fancy. In the beginning it was thought that I was not like other children, in fact most believed me to be retarded to some degree. About 5 years into occupying my space in this world, it was discovered by accident that I am hearing impaired. Swop, swop, two hearing aids, one in each ear and a couple of years later my mouth had no off switch and a stubborn, relentless adolescent was in the making.

Years went by, I finished elementary school and highschool. Somehow I managed to get a craft certificate within service electronics. I have no idea what that actually means other than that I now suddenly had to prove my worth on the work market, which, at least, I feel I managed well. Time goes by and suddenly I have been working a couple of years outside of the country and I wanted to get an engineering degree.

I moved back home to Gjøvik, applied to become a student at Gjøvik University College. Four years later, a trip to France/Switzerland to finish my bachelor thesis at CERN, a computer engineer pops into existence (23rd. September 2014). While studying I realized that my interests were spread out to a large degree, but systems administration stood out as something I understood on a fundamental level pretty fast. Today, I work as an systems administrator/BAS administrator for the same university that gave me my education.

On my own time, I spend quite a lot of time fiddling with computers of course, fishing, electronics, remote everything and lately, leather and wood crafting has become my way of getting away from everyday stress and chores.