This post will be quite short, simply because my conclusion after implementing and testing two of the tools mentioned earlier in this post on a test server are quite different from what I imagined them to be. After testing both SpamAssassin and Amavisd-new I realized that these tools are not meant to be installed and forgotten to the same degree as the other tools I am using, they are meant to be used actively by the administrator to continually improve results by tweaking settings and inspecting the output.

Since my goal is to have a setup that primarily work for me and I wish to fiddle as little as possible with it, these two tools are simply to time demanding and the improved spam checking simply isn’t worth the extra time spent. For this reason I have simply let my server be as it was before I started this mini project and instead chose to teach those few users I have that on my server, some spam is to be expected and spent some time teaching them to recognize spam instead so that they could either just delete them manually or tell their client that it is spam and let that handle it instead.

So, there you have it. The conclusion is that if you have a personal email server and you don’t wish to fiddle with it all day long, accept the fact that there will be some spam ending up in your users email boxes and teach them to recognize and delete these few instead. This does not mean that there is no value in installing these tools, but personally I feel that it makes more sense if there is a larger user base or you have a lot higher goals than what the simpler tried and tested tools are giving you.


I am still very interested in discovering and getting to know good tools and services plus tips and tricks to improve reporting and reducing the amount of spam on my server. Even those meant for production use in business environments. If I don’t want to use them on my own server, I still administrate other servers which these tools can be appropriate to be used on. So send me an email with your suggestion and I will take a look at it and report it here on the blog.

Send me an email at and make my day.