Now that I have finished with my bachelor in computer science and realised that I will not be finishing my masters degree in information security I want to sell most of the books I have bought over the years. Most of these books are curriculum for the masters in information security and I will add books for the bachelors in computer science when I get around to it.

I will be selling these books through the Facebook group Bytte/selge for oss Studenter i Gjøvik, email and whichever way people get a hold of me. Whenever I sell a book or the book is reserved for someone, I will put a line over the book so that it is possible to know at any time which books are still available to buy. All prices are in NOK.

Books that are being or has been sold

ISBN Name Price
978-0-470-61303-0 Malware Analyst’s Cookbook and DVD 200.-
978-0-07-149568-4 Gray Hat Hacking - The Ethical Hacker's Handbook 150.-
978-0-7357-1265-2 Network Intrusion Detection - Third Edition 150.-
82-450-0274-7 Informasjonssikkerhet - Rettslige krav til sikker bruke av IKT 200.-
978-0-321-44442-4 The Art of Software Security Assessment 300.-
978-0-07-174245-0 Computer Forensics 100.-
978-1-59749-596-7 Digital Triage Forensics - Processing the Digital Crime Scene 200.-
978-0-7494-6485-1 IT Governance - An Internal Guide to Data Security and ISO … 250.-
978-0-201-44099-7 Computer Security - Art and Science 350.-
978-0-321-52550-5 Forensic Discovery 100.-
978-0-470-74115-3 Computer Security - Third Edition 200.-
978-0-13-148104-6 Counter Hack Reloaded - A Step by Step Guide to Computer .. 250.-
978-0-321-35670-3 Software Security - Building Security In 250.-
1-58053-369-8 Computer and Intrusion Forensics 450.-
0-8493-3378-4 Wireless Security Handbook 400.-
NO ISBN NUMBER Network Security - Lecture Notes 4th. edition 20.-
978-0-201-78695-8 Exploiting Software - How to Break Code 200.-
978-0-321-70325-5 Forensic Discovery 200.-
978-1-111-13823-3 Principles of Information Security - International Edition 350.-
978-1-4354-9883-9 Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations - Fourth edition 350.-
978-0-13-513711-6 Computer Security - Principles and Practice 250.-
978-0-596-00764-5 XML In a Nutshell - A Desktop Quick Referance 200.-
978-1-59749-643-8 Digital Forensics for Legal Professionals 150.-
978-0-596-51582-9 Python for Unix and Linux System Administrators 150.-
666-6-6666-6666-6 Test book to demonstrate how a sold or reserved book will look like 666.-

Contact information

Send me an email at and tell me which books you wish to buy or look at before deciding to buy. All books are currently in my office at GUC, K building, IT-Tjenesten.